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Menchum Fall
North west giant fall

The Menchum River and its tributaries drains a large area of the Northwest Region of Cameroon. It in turn is a tributary of the Benue River in Nigeria.

  • Location
  • Surface area
  • Environment
  • North west Region
  • 20 km south of Wum and 30 km north of Bafut
  • The rich volcanic soils.

Menchum falls is one of the biggest falls in the whole area . With a height of 150 meters, these are one of the most impressive waterfalls in the North-West province. On this idyllic site you can enjoy the beautiful scenery while having a little lunch. Later it will be time for a little party.

The Menchum, Donga and Katsina Ala rivers all flow west from the Northeast Region to join the Benue in Nigeria. The Menchum drains the Oku-Kom highlands, which have an elevation of 2,400 metres (7,900 ft) around Lake Oku, falling to about 800 metres (2,600 ft) at Mbonkissu to the west of Fundong. The highlands, formed by volcanic action, have been dissected by steep valleys carved out by fast-flowing streams.

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