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Lake Awing
The ancestral lake

Lake Awing is the most sacred place in the Northwest village Awing. The lake is exceptionally still during the day and glitters under a bright sunlight. Only certain areas are open for swimming but the lake is generally kept sacred for yearly sacrifices to the gods of the village.

  • Location
  • Surface area
  • Coordinates
  • North west Region
  • 20 km south of Wum and 30 km north of Bafut
  • longitude 10°10’E – 10°22’E of GMT and latitude 5°49’N – 6°00’N of the Equator

To the northwest of Awing is what used to be the Bafut-Ngemba Native Authority Forest Reserve (today called Government Forest Reserve), Lake Awing (a crater lake and shrine), Mt. Lefo (which is the 4th highest mountain in the country - 2,550m (8,366.1 ft) and Akum. In the north, Awing shares boundaries with Mendankwe, Bambili and Babanki Tungoh. Awing shares boundaries in the northeast with Balikumbat, to the east with Bamukumbit, to the southeast by Bamenyam, to the south by Baligham (also called Bali-Bagam) and to the west by Njong.

The touristic attraction to Cameroon lakes over many years has been phenomenal. People are attracted to their eerie appearance, and bizarre stories. Most of these lakes are found in the Northwest region in Cameroon, spread across different tribes. They are believed to harbour ancestors and spirits which are worshipped as gods. However, the entire experience in visiting the lake is completely fascinating.