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4 days


Sailing, diving, fishing and relaxing are the main activities for visitors to the 155 islands of this Indian Ocean archipelago. Mahé, Praslin and La Digue are the most popular islands. Mahé boasts 65 silver beaches, plus an array of restaurants, cafés, bars...

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Jan - Feb - Mar - Apr - Dec 14 Days Douala/Yaounde Cameroon
14 days

Mfou Tour

Mfou Bafoussam is one of the towns in Cameroon which you need to discover during your trip to Africa. Here, you will be able to see for yourself the true meaning of the word Safari. In Mfou, Cameroon, different kinds of wild...

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Jan - Feb - Mar - Apr - May - Jun - Jul - Aug - Sep - Oct - Nov 19 Days Douala/Yaounde Cameroon
19 days

Tri – National Safari Tour

Highlight Forest Elephants - Gorillas - Bongos - Sitatunga - Dwarf Buffaloes - Chimpanzees- Ba'Aka pygmies - Net hunting - Traditional medicines -Trekking - Traditional dance - Boat and Canoe ride - Pygmies camp - Lobe waterfalls - Seasid...e relaxation - Marine...

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Jan - Feb - Mar - Apr - May - Jun - Jul - Aug - Sep - Oct - Nov - Dec 9 Days Douala/Yaounde Cameroon
9 days

Baka Pygmies Tour

When you’re in the Southeast province and have the opportunity to join a Baka family on their daily routine such as a hunt, fishing trip or gathering honey. You certainly should do it. This is really back to the basic way of...

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Jan - Feb 7 Days London United Arab Emirates
7 days

Fabulous Dubai

Dubai is situated on the Persian Gulf coast of the United Arab Emirates and is roughly at sea level (16 m or 52 ft above). The emirate of Dubai shares borders with Abu Dhabi in the south, Sharjah in the northeast, and...

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May - Jun - Jul 8 Days Singapore United Kingdom
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Luxurious London

Group tours also mean you will be seeing the world alongside like-minded people, making it ideal for solo travelers or anybody looking to make friends. Take advantage of these massive savings and head out into the world for the adventure of a...

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