Tour overview

Tello Falls are one of the main natural attractions of the region of Adamawa. Different from those of Ekom Nkam or Lobe, they are also emblematic and really deserve a visit.The peculiarity lies in the rocky table brutally interrupted the quiet river Tello found that precipitated between 40 and 50 meters below. This unique geological remarkable because it creates a natural cave behind the falls an impressive volume. Path and benches were built to admire the falls from this point of view. Beware though the risk of landslides.Access to the site has been recently developed allowing everyone to enjoy the natural beauty. The lack of visual reference often gives a misleading impression of the importance of falls. As an indication, the rocky plateau is between 10 and 15 meters thick The site is well laid out and accessible to all through the construction of stairs with balustrade. A hard boukarou was built and can admire the falls in all their glory. This stage is ideal for a family picnic break. And safety, it captures even the GSM networks! In the rainy season the use of a 4 × 4 is more than recommended, especially for the last two kilometers with fording a river must.Visit during the rainy season is recommended even if a bit complicated vehicle access.

Day 1

After breakfast departure to CameroonClearing of border formalitiesAnd continuation to Waza ParkAfternoon first game drive in the park Overnight in Waza Park

Day 2

Entire day in the Waza Park2 game drives morning and eveningWith some luck you will see its elephants, giraffes, antelopes, Damaliscus, water buck, variety of birds, etc, etc. Overnight Waza Park

Day 3

Waza Park-Mora-Oudjilla-MarouaIn the Podoko village of Oudjilla visit to the compound of the chief.The chief lives in his palace with more than 50 wives and many children.Each wife has a hut and a kitchen. The walls are made of earth and the roofs of straw. Continuation to Maroua for overnight in hotel

Day 4

Maroua-Pouss-Marouavisit to the famous market of Pouss and the typical conical huts of the Mousgoun tribeOvenight hotel Maroua

Day 5

Maroua day at leisureOptional excursions to bili bili breweries, tanneries, artisinal market etc. Overnight hotel Maroua

Day 6

Maroua-Tourou-MokoloVisit market in Tourou. A village set in pretty country side. Here the women if the Kirdi mountain village wear distinctive red wooden calabashes on their heads which indicate their marital status.Continuation to Mokolo for overnight in hotel

Day 7

Mokolo-RhumsikiNestled deep in the mountains is the small village of Rhumsiki, set in a spectacular, almost lunar landscape of extraordinary volcanic plugs and basalt outcrops surrounded by imposing peaks of which the highest peak is Kapsiki Mountain (1224 m). In Rhumsiki we visit the famous crab doctor who tells your fortune by watching the moves of a crab, crafts and trades people, like potters, weavers and blacksmiths.Overnight in hotel in Rhumsiki

Day 8

Today we take a hike in the surroundings of Rhumsiki to see the region which is a genuine crossroads of races, tribes and religions and customs,Óvernight in hotel in Rhumsiki

Day 9

Rhumsiki-GarouaVisit Gorges de KolaOvernight hotel in Garoua

Day 10

Garoua-Ngaoundaba RanchOvernight Ngaoundaba RanchEnjoy this privately owned cattle ranch nestled in the mountains, 1360 m above sea level and next to a beautiful volcanic crater lake. Here you can watch birds, fish, swim, take a boat on the lake or stroll around the lake.Overnight Ngaoundaba Ranch

Day 11

Departure for Ngaoundere. Visit the Lamdio in NgaoundereIn the evening we take the train to YaoundeOvernight in train in first class couchettes

Day 12

Arrival Yaounde, day at leisure in Yaoundeovernight in hotel Yaounde

Day 13

Yaounde to Baham in the West ProvinceIn Baham we meet with the Fon (chief), see the daily life in the palace and meet with the queens. In the evening we are invited to stayovernight in the Palace compound Baham

Day 14

Baham-Bandjoun-FoumbanIn Bandjoun visit to the famous chefferie (Unesco heritage) and the museum. In Foumban visit the palace of the sultan of FoumbanOvernight Hotel Foumban

Day 15

Foumban-Jakiri-Bamenda-Belo/Mbingo Overnight in tents at camtourventures Trekkers Camp Belo/Mbingo situated in the beautiful and rugged mountains near Bamenda

Day 16

Trek to Lake Oku.One can also hire a horse to do the trek on horsebackInstead one can also spend the day with the local villagers and experience daily life with them (pound fufu, get water and the pump, cook together with the women)Overnight of Camp Belo/Mbingo

Day 17

Bamenda-BafutVisit to the Chefferie of Bafut where one of the queens will lead you around the palace. Traditional mask dances will be performed on requestOvernight hotel Bamenda

Day 18

day at leisure in BamendaOvernight Hotel Bamenda

Day 19

Bamenda via Ekom waterfalls to LimbeOvernight in beach hotel in Limbe

Day 20

Shopping for souvernirs – travel for Douala for departure