Tour overview

Forest Elephants – Gorillas – Bongos – Sitatunga – Dwarf Buffaloes – Chimpanzees- Ba’Aka pygmies – Net hunting – Traditional medicines -Trekking – Traditional dance – Boat and Canoe ride – Pygmies camp – Lobe waterfalls – Seasid…e relaxation – Marine Tortoise Museum …

Tri – National safari Explore19 is an expedition designed for nineteen days exploring the core of the Congo basin visiting the tri – national park that comprises Lobeke in Cameroon, Nouabale Ndoki in Congo and Dzanga Sangha in Central African Republic. This is an adventure as it requires physical fitness and spirit of an adventure. Through travelling in long distances in asphalted roads, sailing by canoe and trekking deep under the evergreen canopy of the Congo basin being the second vast & incredible rainforest in the world after the Amazon, will give us the opportunity to witness endemic wildlife such as Forest Elephants, Western lowland Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Leopards, Sitatungas, Buffaloes, Bongos… and numerous birds specie not living out traditional dance, net hunting and initiation to traditional medicines offered by the Ba’Aka pygmies. Sailing by canoe to pygmies camp, visit to marine tortoise museum and relaxation at the white sandy beach in Kribi are added to crown this unforgettable experience.

Day 1: Sunday: Arrival Yaounde
Day 2: Monday: Yaounde – Bertoua
Day 3: Tuesday: Bertoua – Yokadouma
Day 4: Wednesday: Yokadouma – Lobeke (camp Combo)
Day 5, 6: Lobeke (Mirador 1-3)
Day 7: Saturday: Lobeke – Bomassa – Nouabale Ndoki
Day 8, 9: Nouabale Ndoki (Mbeli bai & Mondika)
Day 10: Tuesday: Mondika – Bomassa – Bayanga
Day 11: Wednesday: Bayanga (Sangha bai)
Day 12: Thursday: Bayanga (Bai Hokou)
Day 13: Friday: Bayanga (Ba`Aka Pygmies)
Day 14: Saturday: Bayanga – Nola – Yokadouma
Day 15: Sunday: Yokadouma – Bertoua
Day 16: Monday: Bertoua – Yaounde
Day 17: Tuesday: Yaounde – Kribi
Day 18: Wednesday: Kribi
Day 19: Thursday: Kribi – Douala – Return Flight.

Detail Program

Day 1: Sunday: Arrival Yaounde
Meet and greet at Yaounde Nsimalen airport, transfer to hotel , briefing, dinner and night.

Day 2Monday: Yaounde – Bertoua
Early breakfast, we board our vehicle and head to Bertoua. The 338 km driving is not an issue, the road is asphalted in a great distance as we traverse the forest of the Centre Plateau. We arrived Bertoua late in the afternoon and check in at Mansa Hotel for the night.

Day 3: Tuesday: Bertoua – Yokadouma
The real part of the adventure commence today with a dirt road that stretches on 279km linking Bertoua to Yokadouma. There is perpetual encounter with timber trucks loaded from numerous logging companies exploiting great part of this side of the Congo basin. We arrived Yokadouma in the evening and check in at Elephant hotel where we spend the night.

Day 4Wednesday: Yokadouma – Lobeke
We drive along the thick rainforest into the Lobeke National park at the south most part of Cameroon. Arrival and check-in at Combo camp for the night.

Day 5, 6: Lobeke
These two days are spent in Lobeke. After early breakfast each day, we take a forest walk in the national park and embark in animal safari in quest for big mammalian species that are endemic to the region such as elephants, monkeys, gorillas, sitatungas, bongos, buffaloes etc. Trails lead us to various platforms of observation . This Park also constitutes part of the tri – national park of Dzanga Sangha in the Central African Republic that we also have in our program and the Nouabale Ndoki national park of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Dinner and night in tents.

Day 7: Saturday: Lobeke – Bomassa – Nouabale Ndoki
At Lobeke, we depart early crossing the Sangha River by boat from Djembe to get to Bomassa in Congo. After about an hour drive from Bomassa and one and a half hour by canoe including an hour trek, we arrived Mbeli camp, installation, dinner and night at the Camp.

Day 8, 9: Nouabale Ndoki National Park
During these days, we trek through the evergreen canopy in the heart of this part of the Congo basin to watch forest elephants, antelopes, birds, hedgehog, Red River hog etc. on a well settled platform including tracking of western lowland gorillas with nights at both Mbeli and Mondika camp.

Day 10: Tuesday: Mondika – Bomassa – Bayanga
After visiting Lobeke and Nouabele Ndoki national park, the next and last part of our tridom safari adventure is Dzanga Sangha at Bayanga which we attained late in the evening. Dinner and night at Doli Lodge.

Day 11: Wednesday: Bayanga (Sangha bai)
Our centre of interest today at the Dzanga Sangha national park is Dzanga Bai where hundreds of forest elephants, sitatungas, Bongos, dwarf buffalos, and numerous birds meet at the saline as they look for mineral salts to facilitate digestion.
After about 30 minute drive and about an hour walk in the heart of the forest, we attained Dzanga Bai and comfortably sit on the platform as we observe pure game scenery in the jungle.
Late in the afternoon, we return to the Lodge where we are honored with Ba’Aka traditional dance before dinner time.

Day 12: Thursday: Bayanga (Bai Hokou)
After early breakfast at the Lodge, we head to Bai Hokou where knowledgeable pygmy guides are waiting for us for the Western Lowland Gorillas safari trekking. We go after them up to the last camp where the Gorilla spent the night. An hour and half in their company gives us the opportunity to experience their social life and feeding behavior. We later return to the research centre, and continue to explore by tracking mangabeys. Later we board our 4×4 car and drive back to the Lodge.

Day 13: Friday: Bayanga (Activities with the Ba’Aka pygmies)
Our last day visit at Dzanga Sangha comprises net hunting expedition with the Ba’aka folks, introduction to traditional medicine by the pygmies who will show us how they use plants to heal themselves when sick, cultural excursion to Yadoumbé a famous and typical Ba’Aka settlement to learn more about their architecture, cuisine and daily life style.

Day 14: Saturday: Bayanga – Nola – Yokadouma
After our safari expedition to CAR, we return to Cameroon where we attained Yokadouma late in the evening, check in at Elephant hotel and night.

Day 15: Sunday: Yokadouma – Bertoua
After breakfast, our return continues with night in Bertoua at Mansa hotel.

Day 16: Monday: Bertoua – Yaounde
After driving for several hours, we attained Yaounde, dinner and night.

Day 17: Tuesday: Yaounde – Kribi
Today we head to the South of Cameroon in Kribi where we crowned our safari adventure by seaside relaxation, dinner and night at hotel Ilomba.

Day 18: Wednesday: Kribi
After early breakfast, we drive to Lobe River and next sail by canoe to pygmies camp. After a warm welcome and visit to the pygmies sandwitched by traditional dance, we then board our canoe and return to Kribi. We visit Lobe waterfalls, get relax at the white sandy beach before retired to the hotel for the night.

Day 19: Thursday: Kribi – Douala – Return Flight
Possibility for an excursion to Ebodje fishing village to visit the museum for the conservation of marine tortoise. Return and continuation to Douala, transfer to the airport, departure formalities and return flight.


If people are to develop love and concern of the earth, they need direct experience: otherwise their knowing remains remote and theoretical and never touches them deeply.


  • 1L of water each
  • Airport assistance
  • All transfers - Ground transportation
  • fuel
  • tollgates & driver
  • Boat & Canoe ride
  • Double room occupancy
  • Gorilla permit
  • Ba'Aka dance
  • Net hunting
  • All visit & activities as in program
  • Professional field guide
  • Porters
  • Local guides
  • Elephant viewing
  • Gorillas tracking
  • Park fees
  • Nights in tents

Not Included

  • Visas & International flight
  • Personal purchase of souvenirs
  • Laundry
  • All visit & activities not mentioned in program
  • Drinks
  • Personal & travel insurance
  • Life jacket